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A social revolution at Yellow Pages

Johannesburg – Tuesday, 15 May 2012 - As part the Yellow Pages product range, 10118, The Talking Yellow Pages, is revolutionising the way its users interact with the brand.

The objective of having access to Yellow Pages information anytime, anywhere and on any platform is fast becoming a reality in the 10118 contact centre with the launch of the Yellow Pages Live Facebook Chat Application based on the JamiiX platform and MXit ClickFind chat solution. 

Facebook in South Africa has 4 955 38 total users, translating into 10.09% of South African population interacting with one of the world’s most popular social networks. This makes it an attractive place to interact and engage with local users connecting them to local directory information without leaving their area of comfort.

MXit is SA’s free and largest online mobile instant messenger and social network. “It’s about quick, relevant and local information on the go” says Jacqui Rees, Manager: Content and Verticals of Yellow Pages. 

According to GARTNER, Mobile Insight (2012), Mobile Instant Messaging (MIM) is one of the top ten trends for consumer mobile applications for 2012 and businesses should maximize its potential. Rees further adds, “It’s about capturing your audience where they are, where they play, where they feel comfortable chatting, rather than coercing them to a brand or platform they are not familiar with. Being there, when users need you is the key to it all.”

With the combination of instant chat, our 10118 agents and Yellow Pages information forms the perfect social / web 2.0 contact centre solution. Being able to access someone and possibly with life saving information at your fingertips in this myriad of social buzz is an empowering thought.

Stay with what you know – Yellow Pages information is available to our users across most different chat platforms including  Google Talk, Yahoo messenger and Windows Live.

“It is a whole different world of chat out there and 10118 is embracing the way our users chat. Our agents engage with users in the lingo they use daily when chatting. This is just another way we give our users that “personal touch” when they engage on our social sites”, says Cheryl Kuys (10118 Manager).

How to get it?

•Add ClickFind on MXit - GO TO: on your mobile phone - Tradepost-> MarketPlace (10) ->ClickFind (1), Add Contact. 

• Add ClickFind on Google Talk / Chat: 

•Chat Live on Facebook:  -> Left hand Tab ->Yellow Pages Chat

For more information, contact Jacqui Rees via email


Issued by: Trudon Marketing

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