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Trudon Toyota Yaris Scam

JOHANNESBURG - THURSDAY, 1 MARCH 2012 - A scam email message has been doing the rounds congratulating recipients that they have won a Toyota Yaris 2010 model.

The email congratulates you on winning a Toyota Yaris 2010 model. To dispatch the vehicle, winners are urgently required to contact Mr Daniel Adams on 082 365 2218 with instructions as follow:

"To claim your winnings, you are requested to pay the following fee:
  • Car registration fee of R370
  • Car insurance deposit fee of R1 560
The total amount of R1 930 is to be deposited into a FNB account and faxed to 086 620 4849. "

"This is a scam and Trudon has nothing to do with this so-called competition. Says Chris Deeks, GM: Online and Search for Trudon, publishers of Yellow Pages.

Trudon advises anyone who receives such an email to ignore it. Trudon is no way affiliated with the competition.

Issued by Trudon Marketing.

For more information, please contact
Chris Deeks
GM: Online and Search
Phone: +27 11 677-6734
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