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Trudon seeks to be an employer of choice for new media talent - and for the more traditional competencies that are critical to a progressive, competitive organisation.

We provide an exciting, dynamic work environment and offer generous funding help for tertiary education and further study.

The company has made a transition from distinguished print-media organisation to multimedia operation, so new skills are continually called for. As a leading player in the digital, online and telecoms marketplaces of South Africa, we provide uncommon opportunities for talented, tech-savvy people to be at the cutting edge of new media.

In particular, we look for excellence in:
  • Online and search
  • E-commerce
  • Multimedia design
  • Information management
In addition, we offer opportunities across a wide range of other career paths, including:
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Accounting
  • Logistics
  • Human resources
  • Customer care
People inspired by dynamic change, new ideas and challenges are on Trudon's employment radar.

We want all staff members to realise their potential, so we try not to "box in" people and we provide them with career-long learning opportunities. In short, you can write your own career script at Trudon.

To help develop the kind of employees and skills we require, Trudon offers:
  • Bursaries - for both external and internal candidates
  • The Graduate Programme - to give beneficiaries of Trudon bursaries a potential career start.
A bursary scheme for external, previously-disadvantaged candidates is operated under our Corporate Social Investment initiative, with funding covering tertiary study costs such as tuition fees, books and residence accommodation. (See CSI section)

Study funding assistance is also available to Trudon employees who have been at the company for more than a year and who want to further their knowledge and expand their horizons.

The children of employees are also eligible for bursaries for approved areas of study.

Trudon bursary students get a rare opportunity to experience the workplace environment when they successfully complete their studies - via a year-long post-graduate programme within the company.

The new graduates learn invaluable practical aspects of their chosen careers, being assigned to mentors in various departments and having their progress assessed quarterly. At the end of the year, if they show promise and if there are vacancies within the company, the graduates are offered jobs.

The core competency targets that Trudon sets for its staff are:
  • Strategic thinking
  • Innovation
  • Focus on customer service
  • Communication ability in all media
  • Teamwork
  • Technology savvy
  • Results driven
  • Good emotional intelligence
An ongoing leadership development strategy enhances supervision, management and executive capacities in all employees who show leadership potential.

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