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Yellow Pages 10-11-8

The wealth of information in Yellow Pages is also available over the phone - via a national operator-assisted electronic business directory.

The great benefit of the service is that callers need only know the type of business or service they are looking for. It's not surprising that more than six million referrals are made every year.

The search results are available either by type of business, by business name, by business category and location or by business name and location. The database is refreshed daily, so it is more up-to-date than the printed Yellow Pages.

The service is available from 07h30 to 22h30 on the national number 10-11-8.

For those on the move, engage with our 10118 consultants in a live chat via Facebook and Twitter

With 23.5 million mobile phone subscribers in South Africa, and 62% of urban adults having access to telephones at home and/or work, 10-11-8 is an ideal way to reach consumers.

Statistics show that 30% of urban adults with access to telephones at home and/or work have used 10-11-8 to source suppliers of goods and services. An added bonus is that 93% of all these callers to 10-11-8 are in the LSM 6-10, or middle to upper income, groups.

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