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Trudon is the proud publisher and distributor of approximately 6 million telephone directories, which are distributed free of charge throughout South Africa.

These printed directories, The Phone Book and Yellow Pages, contain business and residential telephone numbers and cover 19 geographical areas across the country.

Trudon trading as TDS in Namibia sell advertising space and publish the combined white and yellow pages directory for Telkom Namibia.

Yellow Pages
This renowned business advertising concept has been helping people around the world to source commercial information for more than a century, and it's still going strong.

South Africa's Yellow Pages is one of the country's most affordable and cost-effective media for bringing advertisers and customers together. A recent survey found that it was used by 85% of urban adults.

The Yellow Pages is categorised according to business activity or sector and carries companies' contact details and essential marketing details.

In the four major metropolitan regions of South Africa, Yellow Pages is a separate volume to The Phone Book. In 15 other regions it is carried within The Phone Book, as an easily identifiable separate section.

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The Phone Book
The Phone Book is South Africa's official telephone directory - the most comprehensive listing, in alphabetical order, of the country's residential, business and government contact details.

Trudon undertakes the critically important task of compiling and publishing an updated directory every year, in 19 regions across South Africa.

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The Phone Book and Yellow Pages are delivered door-to-door to residential homes in areas that have a telephone penetration rate greater than 55%. The books are enclosed in weatherproof recycled plastic bag and are placed in driveways.

Distribution to businesses is according to address lists supplied by Telkom SA, with the number of rented lines determining the number of free directories a company receives. If more directories are legitimately required, Trudon provides a back-up delivery service.

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Directories can also be collected from Post Offices and Telkom Customer Service Branches.

Trudon's share call number - 086 093 5569 - is open during office hours for arranging delivery to business customers. Additional orders are delivered within ten working days. New customers can also e-mail or fax their details to the call centre to be placed on the following year's address list.

This service centre also records all complaints and handles all distribution queries.

Directories of regions outside of an individual or company's delivery area are available for purchase at - an e-mail address that is protected from spambots.

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