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Yellow Pages online
The definitive and most trusted commercial search tool in South Africa is

It has no fewer than 500 000 unique users every month.

The website is the offspring of the iconic Yellow Pages print directory - a mainstay of shopping and services advertising around the world for more than a century. Operational since 2001, the Yellow Pages search engine has been through several upgrades and enhancements - most recently in August 2011 - bringing it into line with international best practice. Full map integration is among the many exciting new features.

Apart from it being a trusted brand and having extensive listings, the great business value proposition of is that its visitors are people intending to make a purchase.

Unlike a general internet search, where a searcher's intentions are obscure, anyone going to is a person looking to buy specific products or services. So, these clicks very often lead to calls - and purchases, as we connect users to advertisers.

Searches can be done by keyword, business type or name and can be narrowed down according to geographic area or category. The data is updated daily. Statistics from Digital Media and Marketing Association show that 64% of people with internet access have visited, at an average of 2.8 visits per month.

Advertisers can get monthly feedback on how well a marketing campaign is doing in terms of usage statistics.

In order to further enhance its growing online product suite, Trudon now also sells Google Adwords and is the first Google Premier SME Partner (PSP) in South Africa. Trudon charges a management fee for the search engine traffic services provided, where applicable.

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The Phone Book online
The most-used of all print publications is even handier online. The offering now leverages the power of social media for a more comprehensive people profile. Take a look at the new site at today.

Often referred to as "The White Pages", South Africa's comprehensive listing of residential, business and government contact details is freshly compiled and published every year for nearly ten million landline telephone subscribers in the country.

As with the print edition, listings are free of charge, but clients wanting to get a special message across to the huge potential market can buy banner advertising on the online directory.

The leisure and lifestyle guide at is full of ideas about places to go and things to see in and around South Africa.

With city-specific pages, it covers the likes of cinema, theatre, music, festivals, shopping, restaurants and hotels.

A team of top writers regularly updates the blog on this vibey portal - relating their latest discoveries and adventures in the worlds of entertainment, travel and food.

Advertisers on CitySearch are able to speak directly to a captive audience of fun seekers who are looking for a good evening out, a weekend jaunt or a good meal(all the recipes posted are typically South African).

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