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Mobile communications are driving the advance of technology and Trudon is a pace-setter.

Future markets will be mobile and the time to start tapping them is now. Gaining mastery of an emerging medium is essential to building brand awareness and affiliation among its youthful and progressive-minded users.

Since launching our mobile offerings in June 2011 we have seen phenomenal growth, with the number of application downloads passing the 100 000 mark in just a few months.

Trudon has two versions of mobile currently available:
  1. Conventional mobile browsing on a cellphone, and
  2. Native applications that are built for specific handsets, providing a more powerful, one-click browsing ability.
Our apps are available on all four of the leading app stores - Apple, Blackberry App World, the Nokia OVI store and Google's Android.

For Apple handsets, such as the iPad and iPhone, the apps already allow rudimentary augmented reality - with the on-screen display changing according to the direction in which the device is pointing. So users are pointed not just to advertisers' wares but their locations as well.

Growth in the mobile space is illustrated by the fact that at the end of 2011 we were handling an average of 90 000 enquiries from individual users each month.

A highlight of the product set for mobile is MobiSite, a custom-built, "lite" company website for user-friendly display on mobile phones - putting your name and offerings in the palm of the hand of a whole new generation of buyers.

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