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Our Executive Team
Thabo Seopa - Managing Director
Thabo Seopa joined Trudon (Pty) Ltd as Managing Director in May 2002. Before that, he spent nine years in investment banking, with UBS and HSBC. He started his working career as a trainee in management accounting and held positions as Regional Accountant, Financial Manager and General Manager Operations before moving into the financial services arena. He has been a board member of various organisations - from listed companies to state-owned enterprises to non-profit bodies.

Johan Myburgh - Chief Financial Officer
Johan Myburgh was appointed Chief Financial Officer in January 2002. Prior to joining Trudon (Pty) Ltd, he worked for Telkom SA in various senior financial positions.

Ndaba Nkomo - General Manager: Customer Fulfilment
Ndaba Nkomo was appointed GM: Customer Fulfilment in March 2010. Previously, he held the position of Sales Director at Accenture, and before that worked at Multichoice as Senior Consultant and Senior Business Analyst/Integration Engineer.

Mashudu Malivha - General Manager: Human Capital
Mashudu Malivha has extensive experience in human resources, having held senior positions at multinational companies like Reckitt & Colman, Henkel SA, De Beers and Holcim. She started her career at the Development Bank of South Africa.

General Manager: Sales - Vacant

Adriaan van Vuuren - General Manager: Information Technology

Adriaan van Vuuren was appointed GM: IT in January 2009, having served as a Systems Development Manager, Project Manager and Senior Manager: IT since joining the company in 2002. Previously, he was employed by Quality Business Consultants. He holds a BSc Honours (Information Technology) degree from the University of Pretoria and a Masters in Business Leadership degree from Unisa.

Chris Deeks - General Manager: Online and Search
Chris Deeks has been GM: Online and Search since April 2010. He started his career at Avusa Media (then TML) in 1994, moving from print into the digital arena and building media websites. After a stint at news agency I-Net Bridge, he moved back to Avusa Media to run its online assets before a brief foray into hyper-local digital media.

Olaf Brinkmann - Head of Marketing
Appointed as Head of Marketing in August 2013, Olaf Brinkmann has over 27 years of Marketing and Communications experience. He spent half his career as the client lead, working for the likes of  Volkswagen South Africa & Pam Golding Properties and the other half as MD of various Advertising Agencies. Olaf spent six years in the Middle East and enjoys the the fast paced, multi-cultural and cosmopolitan environment at Trudon. "Local Reliable Results" connects Trudon advertisers with consumers and is the driving force for the Marketing department and will continuously be amplified in the years ahead.

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