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Career opportunity: Sales Graduate Trainee

Calling on all dynamic and ambitious graduates!

  • Do you want to develop a career in a vibrant and exciting industry?
  • Are you assertive, persuasive and results-driven?
  • Would you like an opportunity to learn and develop your sales skills?

If you answered YES to all of these questions then you could be the perfect person to join our remarkable Sales team!

Apply for Trudon (Pty) Ltd’s 2014 Sales Graduate Programme right now! 

Trudon is a South African company that delivers the country’s best local commercial search. Home to the legendary Yellow Pages and a number of other reputable brands – our company also offers affordable, effective advertising and marketing options to local SMMEs and corporate clients.

With no less than 127 000 registered customers, Trudon knows just how to turn a normal brand into the preferred brand with our flexible product range, full-service approach and digital solutions.

Don’t miss the chance to be a game-changer and a Sales guru with Trudon (Pty) Ltd.

Send your CV, copy of your matric certificate, copy of your diploma / degree and a motivation letter to

The closing date for applications is 15th November 2014.


Why it makes sense for your SMB to list with us

Business Listing_1200X1200

With all the advertising options available it is becoming increasingly difficult for SMB owners to figure out where to put their money.

Sure you can build a website, pop it on the Internet and wait to be found, but that’s pretty much like trying to find a hay-coloured needle in a haystack.

You see for all the good it does, the Internet lacks one thing.


Sure you can type in the words ‘Plumber in Kenilworth’ and within seconds you’ll have access to hundreds of thousands of results. But how many of those will be for plumbers that are relevant to you and live and work in Kenilworth, Cape Town South Africa?

That is the one thing that gives advertising in the Yellow Pages an advantage over Internet search engines.

Local relevance.

The Yellow Pages is South Africa’s biggest business and services directory and exists in various formats to make it accessible to every South African, regardless of location or economic standing.

Built around a positioning of ‘Local, reliable results,’ the Yellow Pages aims to provide users with the most relevant results to their queries.

This means that when you advertise with the Yellow Pages the people who are looking for your services, in your area, will see your business.

You can also customise your advertising to reach a specific target market or demographic.

The Yellow Pages has been South Africa’s leading business directory for over 50 years and by adding several new platforms to the offering it is the one resource that no SMB should be without.

What’s in a cloud?


In a world that seems to be forever shifting and changing with technological advances and breakthroughs it would seem that cloud computing might just end up being the SMB’s best friend. No longer confined to the IT departments of major corporations and shadowy covert operations, cloud computing has become a very cost effective way to not only give all your employees access to relevant information wherever they are, but also to create a safe remote back-up system for your company files and information.

But why should your SMB consider a Cloud Computing option?

It helps collaboration.

Cloud computing allows for work to be accessed from multiple devices and from anywhere in the world, which in turns makes it much easier for teams to collaborate on shared data.

It can drive better engagement.

By cutting out time spent on maintaining expensive back-office systems, businesses are free to relook their methods of engagement with their customer base.

It’s quicker.

Things happen quicker when everyone has access to all the relevant information to make on the spot decisions. Changes and updates can be made and uploaded in a matter of seconds, which will lead to quicker solutions and resolves.

It’s measurable.

Because of all of the above reasons, cloud computing allows for a greater level of efficiency and increased employee mobility.

It’s up-scalable.

Because cloud space is bought in chunks, SMB’s can avoid a big up-front capital expense, pay monthly and add space if and when they need it.

Be found quicker with and Trudon’s range of web-related products. is South Africa’s largest online database of local businesses and services. Once users are online they can create a unique profile, where they can store preferred supplier lists, rate businesses and services and have access to a complete search history.

In the last two years Trudon has also done some extensive upgrading to the site by maximising the search area and stripping the home page of unnecessary clutter.

We broadened the keyword search functionality with more local terms and phrasings, and when it came to locations we made sure that as many South African towns as possible were represented.

This means that when you advertise with the Yellow Pages online, you can rest assured that every effort has been made to provide your business with the most online visibility possible.

Trudon has also launched a range of products to work alongside our website to help grow your business online.

Listing on

The obvious first step is to list your business on and have an online presence on the most comprehensive online local business directory in South Africa. boasts 650 000 unique browsers a month with a 72% search to call ratio.

Website building and hosting

A website is a great way to promote your business and provides potential customers with relevant information about you, your services and how to get in touch with you.

With Trudon you can get a customisable website hosted within the Yellow Pages domain. You have the option of using your own domain name (ie. or a Yellow Pages subdomain (ie.

A website will give you the highest ranking within relevant radius of search on the Internet Yellow Pages Listings.


Get a customisable landing page hosted within the Yellow Pages domain. This single page can be filled with services and contact information. A mini-site will give you medium ranking within relevant radius of search on the Internet Yellow Pages Listings.

Trudon also has various advertising options for advertising on

Text Adverts
A Text based entry-level Internet product. Low ranking within relevant radius of search on

Web Banners
Medium Rectangle
A geo category banner which appears on the Internet Yellow Pages website below the map.

A geo category banner, which appears on the top right corner of the homepage.

Run-of site
A banner, which appears on the top left corner of the homepage. Allows advertiser to gain maximum exposure on a CPM based model.

Section Banners:
City search (City Guide)
On our City guide we offer web banners, horizontal top banners and vertical banners.

Maps & Directions
A vertical banner on the Maps and Directions platform.

With and our wide array of web offerings, growing your business online has never been easier.

Get closer to your target market with one of South Africa’s most popular mobile apps

App Banner design_01

In a world that’s becoming more and more mobile centric, Trudon’s Yellow Pages mobile app puts your business right in the consumer’s pocket and right at their fingertips.

By combining the best features of with the latest innovations in mobile technology, the Yellow Pages App ensures 24-hour access to local reliable results.

The Yellow Pages Mobile App SA has been available for iOS and Android devices for several years now, but with recent developments and added features it is now set to become the crown jewel in the Trudon/Yellow Pages range of products.

Apart from all the functions available online, the new and improved Yellow Pages App boasts:

  • GPS turn-by-turn navigation so you can drive right to the business of your choice.
  • A new “Map” tab to discover new businesses via a map view.
  • User accounts that are synced with your web profile.
  • A fresh new look and design features.
  • The ability to share listings via your favourite social media platforms.
  • The ability to sync your Yellow Pages web profile with the app.
  • Improved search result quality, with greater accuracy to region.

With all of these new state of the art features it’s no wonder that the Yellow Pages App was recently voted as one of South Africa’s best consumer Apps. Make your business more visible with our range of Yellow Pages Mobile products.

Trudon introduces new and renewed digital product offerings


Why should you ‘Go Digital’?

A digital media marketing strategy allows you to communicate with an audience without being intrusive.

It allows you to track and accurately measure exactly how much traffic your website and your advertising campaigns are generating. Because of the nature of the medium you are also able to directly target your specified market, making sure that the right eyes are seeing your offerings.

By utilising platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest, you are able to spread your message more organically by getting people to talk about your brand. It’s the definitive value-added solution that extends your ROI even further!
Digital marketing and advertising allows you to market smarter, better and more cost effectively. You get more reach, more accurate targeting and greater conversions at a fraction of your usual advertising costs.

Through our exclusive business related website, Trudon Business, you are now able to find out about all of our digital product offerings which include:

Local Offers

The Local Offers platform is an ideal place to, not only attract new clients but also test the various digital advertising options available to an SME. With Local Offers you can display specials, run limited vouchers or coupons and advertise your business across a multitude of relevant platforms. You’ll get statistics on your promotional campaigns as well as monthly calls from account managers to discuss, collect and advise on promotions.


Cloud computing gives SMEs access to new functionality and business features that previously were not affordable due to infrastructure costs. It also provides access to sophisticated technology without the need of an IT consultant or tech worker on the payroll.


E-Commerce in South Africa is growing at a rapid rate. Big and small retailers are expanding their brick and mortar stores online with very positive results and a massive increase in their bottom lines. For any business with an online presence, there is a vast potential for growth within the digital space. You cannot afford not to take the leap and grow your business online.

Search Engine Marketing

This is the promotion of websites or mysites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages through Search Engine Optimisation. These include Comprehensive Google AdWords Campaigns as well as budget specific options.

With these digital offerings Trudon hopes to further extend their commitment to the small business owners of South Africa.

Trudon Launches Trudon Business


As publisher of the Yellow Pages, and avid supporter of small business in South Africa, Trudon is proud to introduce its new Trudon Business website.

Trudon Business is an exclusive, business focused website where South African business owners can interact with fellow entrepreneurs, gain valuable insights from industry leaders, stay abreast of local and international market trends and learn all about our unique Trudon product offerings.

Up to now Trudon has made great strides in delivering products to help businesses grow in the following areas:


To have a prominent and accessible presence on the web, and other forms of widely used digital media, Trudon has developed a wide range of web-based solutions that are designed for the needs of your brand and your budget.

Some of our digital product offerings include the ability to track and accurately measure exactly how much traffic your website and your advertising campaigns are generating. This allows more reach, more accurate targeting and greater conversions at a fraction of your usual advertising costs.


With Trudon you can get a customisable website that is built and hosted within This will give you a presence on the most comprehensive online local business directory in South Africa with over 650 000 unique browsers per month and 72% search to call ratio.

You can also choose to just have a basic business listing on and compliment it with various options like banner advertising on our various business sites.


With Trudon you can make your business part of the most read business and services directory in South Africa. Decide on your level of exposure by choosing from multiple placement and size options.

You can be on the cover or on the spine. You can include logos, photos, colour and QR codes to capture the imagination of the consumer. You can also choose to focus your offering to specialised sections of the book, to maximize your visibility.


By partnering with specialist companies Trudon offers customisable website designs, which allow for your website to adapt to whatever mobile screen it is viewed on.


10-11-8 is Trudon’s operator assisted, electronic business directory. It’s a nationwide service where the search results are available either by type of business, by business name, by business category and location or by business name and location.

Seeing that the site will constantly be updated with new content, Trudon encourages users to follow on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn.

With Trudon Business, Trudon hopes to further extend their commitment to the small business owners of South Africa by providing relevant business related content that will add value to business.

Trudon partners with Paarl Media

Here are some of the benefits of this new partnership:

  • The White Pages used to be printed on a cold-set press and the Yellow Pages on a heat-set press. The good news is that now both directories will be printed on the technologically advanced Cerutti Rotogravure Publication Aurora press. This is the second press of its kind in the world and it is South Africa’s fastest press. Continue reading

Yellow Pages Series visits Potchefstroom

Johannesburg – Friday, 23rd March 2012 – The Yellow Pages Series 2 track and field heads to the city of Potchefstroom on Saturday afternoon. PUK-McArthur Stadium will provide the back drop for the athletes who will be looking to build on recent performances and times in order to reach the ultimate goal of achieving Olympic qualification standard. Continue reading

Trudon Toyota Yaris Scam

JOHANNESBURG – THURSDAY, 1 MARCH 2012 - A scam email message has been doing the rounds congratulating recipients that they have won a Toyota Yaris 2010 model.

The email congratulates you on winning a Toyota Yaris 2010 model. To dispatch the vehicle, winners are urgently required to contact Mr Daniel Adams on 082 365 2218 with instructions as follow:

“To claim your winnings, you are requested to pay the following fee: Continue reading

Trudon adopts 15 school leaders in Diepsloot and surrounding area

What constitutes school leadership you may ask?

Education is an area of great concern in South Africa, and Trudon as part of its Corporate Social Investment (CSI), felt it imperative to assist the Department of Education in its drive for improved results. To this end, ADS Consultants have been contracted to facilitate the leadership development process throughout the academic year of 2011. Continue reading

Yellow Pages goes digital

Internet Yellow Pages.

After extensive analysis of international trends, expert advice and user feedback from business owners, Trudon (Publishers of the Yellow Pages) produced a clean contemporary site with great functionality. Chris Deeks, GM: On-line and Search for Trudon (Publishers of the Yellow Pages) said, “Now we can proudly say that the Internet Yellow Pages is on the forefront of digital commercial search. Continue reading

Trudon plants 10 000 trees with Food & Trees for Africa in International Year of Forests, 2011

Trudon, the Publishers of the Yellow Pages, recognises its responsibility as a corporate citizen towards its stakeholders and the communities within which it operates. “As Trudon’s main business is the production of printed directories, we as a company, through our corporate social investment (CSI), want to assist in preserving our environment by encouraging the planting of trees in our communities. Continue reading